Wiley Robinson, RN
Chief Operations Officer, Manduu America
A native of Pensacola, Florida, Wiley became a registered nurse and started his career in critical care in the Pensacola area before heading to New Orleans. There, he led the intensive care unit at Mercy Hospital, and later managed a number of physician practices and surgery centers in the Oschner Medical Center system. He is a seventh-degree black belt, and has been teaching and training in martial arts since he was a teenager. While in nursing school and teaching taekwondo, he became a personal trainer on the fitness side, and helped launch the Nautilus line of cam-operated fitness equipment, the first major innovation in strength training in decades. He saw an even larger opportunity to revolutionize fitness through Manduu, and joined the company as chief operations officer in November 2017, bringing a rare combination of 40 years of expertise both as a registered nurse and a career fitness professional.